Busy day in London today. Headed out for a run with the team first thing in the morning to check the course out. Then took a long walk around Kensington and Notting Hill just trying to find a grocery store that had anything similar to my race morning food routine. Watched a bit of the Aquathlon along the way, the swim was great to watch, because of the size/shape of the lake you can actually see the swim from lots of different viewpoints.


Picked up my race kit after lunch and then headed for a swim in the lake to test out the water. Temperature was 16 degrees today, a little cold but I think Toronto was colder. They have a 100×25 meter “pool” in the lake, fairly shallow the whole way but it was great to be able the get in and test it out.

Tried out the bike course a bit today too, its going to be interesting to say the least. Assuming the ground is dry, we still have to contend with tight turnarounds on a 3 loop 6.5km section of road. Oh, and then there’s the speed-bumps – not just the little bumps we have in neighbourhoods back home, but huge bumps at least double the width extending over the whole road, not sure what that will be like at 40km/h… I’ll be keeping an eye on the juniors tomorrow to see if they slow down, stay strong, or bail.

Tonight was also the Opening Ceremonies in Trafalgar Square. Finally ran into fellow Runner’s Life Member Sylvia at the Team Canada Meet and Greet before heading to the main ceremony.



The Opening Ceremonies started to get rained out so we didn’t get very many great pictures but the energy was good. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow, or at least no rain.



Gonna try and post a little more frequently tomorrow instead of one big post at the end of the day. And going to keep the activity a little lighter since its the day before my race, 20+km walking today was a bit much 🙂