So, I’ll get this out of the way first – I did not win my age group, not even top three…  I came in 7th but I can’t say that I feel too badly about it.

Last night wasn’t great, I was tired but couldn’t sleep at all.  Too much buildup maybe, or still adjusting time zones.  I wasn’t alone though, every Canadian I talked to said the same thing.

Went and dreary out today, not full-on rain but a steady drizzle to keep everything nice and slippery.



So we lined up in our waves to start the swim, too many 35-39 year olds for just one heat so we were split into two, with 5 minutes apart.  I was in heat B and I have to say, that was one of the toughest swims ever.  There were bodies everywhere and everyone stayed in a pack for most the way.  I pulled out into a lead group of about 4-5 swimmers and we stayed close til the end, the Aussie that ended up taking the gold came out right beside me.



The bike was the craziest thing I have ever done.  Hundreds of people on the same course running 3 loops with tight turns, narrow lanes and pedestrians crossing a little slower than I would have liked.  Saw lots of road rash along the way, thankfully I was able to keep upright.  Not my ideal course that’s for sure.



The run took 2 loops around the lake, it was a decent run for me, about what I was expecting.


With the split wave start for our group the first three to cross the finish ended up getting knocked out of their positions when my wave came through.  Either way I came in behind the 6 of them, ending up with a 7th place finish (first Canadian in my age group and 78th overall).  I can’t say I’m exactly pleased with that but I do know that I have no regrets with how I ran my race.  It was a chaotic course, never really sure who you’re passing or trying to catch made for a very different race experience.

Person Details


Name Hopkins, Kirk (CAN)
Age Group 35
Number 20847

Race Info

Swim 00:09:46
Trans 1 00:02:53
Bike 00:34:50
Trans 2 00:02:53
Run 00:17:32


Place (M/W) 78
Place (AC) 7
Time Total (Brutto) 01:07:53


Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/km km/h Place
SWIM FINISH 09:34:51 00:09:46 09:46 13:02 4.61 37
BIKE START 09:37:44 00:12:39 02:53 37
BIKE CHECK LAP 1 09:44:42 00:19:38 06:59 01:57 30.96 52
BIKE CHECK LAP 2 09:55:32 00:30:28 10:50 01:30 40.42 62
BIKE CHECK LAP 3 10:06:13 00:41:09 10:41 01:28 40.98 59
BIKE FINISH 10:12:33 00:47:29 06:20 01:40 36.06 60
RUN START 10:15:26 00:50:21 02:52 66
RUN LAP 1 10:24:25 00:59:20 08:59 03:36 16.70 65
Finish 10:32:57 01:07:53 08:33 03:26 17.55 78