Didn’t post anything yesterday as we spent the day sightseeing and trying to pretend I didn’t lose my race.  I’m still feeling at odds about it, the guys that beat me weren’t any faster than me, they just somehow managed to get it done better than I did.  I’m going to take this as motivation to push myself in the off season and pull myself up higher next year.

Looking forward to coming home, a week of grey skies and rain is starting to get rather depressing.  Our shoes haven’t been dry since we arrived and our dirty clothes bag reeks of wet socks.

Today was the main event at the World Championships – the Elite Men’s race.  Hyde Park was full of spectators lined up to watch the final race.  Started out with a little bit of sunshine but turned to drizzle halfway through the bike.  The course was 2 loops of the swim around the Serpentine, 7 loops for the bike from Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace and back and 3 loops of running on the path on the north side of the lake, taking the runners past the grandstands (which we couldn’t get close to) a total of 6 times.  It was a great race to watch, the crowd was full of energy and the race for first between Javier Gomez and Jonathon Brownlee was fantastic to watch.  Alistair Brownlee (the third major contender) dropped out of the running early in the run, but still finished his race and received the loudest cheering from all the spectators.

On Your Mark


Get Set




Me cheering one of our Canadians on


Javier and Jonathon fighting for position


Kyle Jones racing the pack on the final 500 meters