This time of year I am reluctant to admit that my race season has come to an end. However this does not stop me from fervently searching the web for one more local race that I can squeeze in You see, in my mind I am superhuman and would be only wasting time reaching my goals if I were to slow down, even a little.

The is where having a fantastic coach like Dave Dame from Runner’s Life comes in handy. After a lengthy discussion with Dave about my training he has convinced me that this would be a good time to shut it down and work on some strength training and drills and to throw in some cross training to clear the mind. Even though I had to sleep on it for a few days, I do agree. This would be the best plan as I don’t want to burn out… Did I mention I was stubborn? Developing a good bond between you and your coach can pay off quickly, as I have shown this past season.

But before I go back into base training and dust off my cross country skis, I would like to set some benchmarks. Benchmarks give me an idea of what my current times are so I can set my new goals for the 2014 season.

So in October I will be racing a 5k and a half marathon to see where my running is at with fresh legs. I will use these times plus my 2013 season race results to set goals that are challenging yet achievable.

In my next post I will lay out the goals and the ground work planned to set 2014 as the best season yet.