Well it happened again with only one guy to blame… ME!

I was running on Tuesday, a mere 5 days from the upcoming Scotia half marathon, when about 8k into my workout I felt that sharp, stride-breaking pain in my left knee.  It was all too familiar to me as I had this same issue when running the Peterborough half back in February… my IT band was tighter than my wallet when shopping with the Mrs.   Although this isn’t the worst injury you can get, it is very painful and will stop you in your tracks.

So how is this my fault you ask???  Well, last time I conquered this injury I had promised myself I would stretch often and work on my strength training.  And let me tell you, that routine fell apart by May.  Also, I promised myself I wouldn’t run in worn out shoes… new ones are now on order, but a little too late.  And then there is the lack of sleep, working 10 of the last 15 days on night shifts, trying to see the family in between and getting an average of 3 hours sleep each working day…  I seem to think I can do it all.

Well anyway, 2 more sleeps til I join 15,000 runners at the start line and wait for the gun to go off.  We will see if my cram session of physio and foam rolling worked.  Coach has told me not to sell the farm on this one… I hate it when he is right!