Well I managed to put it all together and made it through my half marathon.  This race is a cool venue with a start of over 13,000 runners, 10,078 of those running the half marathon.  The course is mostly flat and fats, with the exception of the last kilometer which climbs up to the finish line… just what you need after 20k.

I had a finish time of 1:20:16.  I am happy with that time considering my condition and the time I put it.  If you recall, earlier in the week I had to walk home during my run workout due to IT band pain in my left knee.  I stopped all workouts and just worked on my physio until race day to try and help the situation.   I also tried a product called KT Tape to help reduce the IT band pain and was hoping to give it good review.  The problem with this is that most of it fell off around the 7k marker.  I was supposed to shave my leg around the area to be taped but I didn’t bring my razor to the hotel.  For this reason, I will not say anything negative or positive about the product.


With my triathlon season ending in early September, my training had fallen off to a combined mileage of under 100k/week, and I definitely felt it on the last few kms of this race.  And then there was the extra 10lbs gained in year-end beer rewards I’m carrying around.


I was not going to let my coach, Dave Dame, down by running out too fast so I took off with a slow 3:57 to start the race off, them held a metronome pace of #;43’s for most of the race.  I had a 10k time of 38:04.  My legs started to resist during the last k and I slowed down to a 4:20 to the finish.  But I’m happy.  No knee pain and I had a solid performance on a great fall day… what could be better?


So what’s next???  I have a good idea of my next crazy challenge for 2014 but I’m not quite ready to share the new goals yet… you still just have to stay tuned 🙂

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon- Half Marathon Awards – Male 30-34

Place Time      Bib #  Name                          Sex Age City
===== ========= ====== ============================= === === =========================
1 1:18:20.5  14791 Smith, Chris                  M    33 Toronto
2 1:19:35.5  13291 Pavlica, Dejan                M    32 Aylmer
    3 1:20:16.2  10130 Hopkins, Kirk                 M    34 Peterborough