The Basics

I am a husband, father to 2 beautiful young daughters, and maybe not the most typical Triathlete around.  I work 12 hour shifts, commuting 3 hours each day, and sometimes have to do my training at 3am just to get it done.  I am fiercly competitive, set ridiculously high goals and love to push myself to the limits – and beyond.

How it Began

I spent my younger years in competetive swimming and long distance running but decided to give it up in my early teen years, call it teen-angst or just plain stupidity but I became a typical kid partying my way through highschool and college.  Somewhere along the way I guess I matured, (I credit my wife and kids), but it wasn’t until the death of my father in 2010 when I decided I needed to revisit my athletic side and try to live a healthy lifestyle and be a good role model for my family.

On a whim I decided to try a triathlon in July of 2011, I figured my swimming and running background would be a good base and borrowed a tri bike from my sister 2 weeks before the race.  Turns out no training  is maybe not the best way to enter into the world of Triathlon, it was a painful experience but I survived and even did pretty well for a first timer.  And then my competitive side decided I would have to do it again and again (and again) until I did better than pretty well, until I was number 1.

Two years and several Sprint Triathlons later and I am the current Age-Group National Champion and on my way to the World Triathlon Championships in London UK.