I planned to race the TTF this year for several reasons: It hosted this year’s National Triathlon Championships, it’s a unique urban venue, it’s not too far from home, and the expected number of racers would make a good lead up race before I head to World’s in September.

View from the TTF

View from the TTF

The race itself is a 2 day event as each athlete has to attend a pre-race meeting and kit pickup the day before the race.  They require ID for kit pickup and give you a wrist band for the transition area that must be left on, so no getting your kit picked up by a friend.  A bit of a pain but it did give me a chance to spend the afternoon in Toronto to check out the course before race day, and a 9:40 wave start meant I got to sleep in a little since I didn’t have to travel.

Headed in to set up my transition for 8 am – it was only open for an hour and all the racks were already designated so there wasn’t much point in going any earlier than that.  The swim was in the Lake Ontario Harbour at Ontario Place with a wave start – there were corrals set up for each wave on a dock and then each group was lead into the water for the start.  The water was super cold and there was no warm up time allowed.  The course was fairly challenging – hard to sight and pushing against the current half the time.  I was able to get out of the main group and made it out of the water and up the stairs to transition first for my wave.


A quick transition then out to the bike – a long run uphill to the mount line then out to the Gardiner for 10k (just about to the DVP) then back again.  Big head winds on the way out but I kept aero and enjoyed the speed on the way back.  Got a new Garneau TT helmet at the Expo and loved the quiet ride, until my visor ripped off and flew down the highway – told the rep at the finish line so hopefully I get a new one soon.  FAST cycle route, felt great.


The run took me west along the water then turned to go back east along Lakeshore and finished about a kilometer from the transition/start in Coronation Park.  Dave’s crushing workouts and brick training helped my legs stay strong and I was able to improve my run time.  Wish I had pushed a little harder in that last k though once I realized I was only 25 seconds from breaking the 1 hour mark.


The Finish line party was a great event all on its own.  Tons of fun the keep the kids busy (Leafs and Raptors fan zones, mini golf, and more), food vendors for the spectators and Hero Burgers and a Steam Whistle Beer Garden for racers – guess where I went first 

Super pumped with my times, finished 2nd overall and 1st in my age group – bringing home the National Championship Age Group Title.


My Results:
Swim 750m 10:10 (1:22/100m)
T1 1:12
Bike 20km 29:49 (40.2km/h)
T2 0:53
Run 5km   18:22 (3:41/km)
Total 1:00:24